Mike Cox


Time of the Rangers Virtual Tour Itinerary
Arranged by Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist, Austin, Texas

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Other out-of-print books by Mike Cox include:

Fred Gipson: Texas Storyteller, a biography of the man, a native of Mason, TX, who wrote "Old Yeller." 232pp. Shoal Creek Press, 1980.

The Confessions of Henry Lee Lucas, the true story of the serial killer who confessed to hundreds of murders and then denied them all. Investigative report developed from personal interviews and research. Photos. 106pp. Pocket Books, 1991.

Red Rooster Country, a collection of stories from West Texas. Photos, illustrations, index. 126pp. Pioneer Book Publishers, 1970.

My Only Lasting Words, recollections of legendary Austin journalist Edmunds Travis. Wraps. Windmill Press, 1971.

Selected Works

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This book is the second volume of the author's comprehensive history of the Texas Rangers, one of the world's most famous law enforcement organizations.
American Western History
The first of a two-volume, quarter million-word popular history of the Texas Rangers, the book explores the legend and reality of this world famous law enforcement organization.
Nineteen true stories vividly recreate Texas' most catastrophic events.
Collections of legendary Texas Ranger stories, from new takes on famous tales to previously untold yarns.
History of the Texas Rangers in ten action-packed stories based on true incidents. For young readers.
Bibliography/ Reference
Annotated reference and modern guide to assembling a library of the best contemporary Texas books.