Mike Cox

More Basic Texas Books

"In previous guides to books on Texas, J. Frank Dobie furnished us a guide to 'good reading' (Life and Literature of the Southwest) and John Jenkins generated a 'guide for a good research library' (Basic Texas Books). Mike has managed to concoct a blend of both that would make his predecessors proud. Dobie and Jenkins gave us the flesh and bones of Texas in their able-bodied guides to the best books on Texas. Now comes Mike Cox with books that are the blood to animate those flesh and bones, bring some color to the cheek, with a strong steady pulse that courses through every page."
--Kevin Mac Donnell, Mac Donnell Rare Books
Austin, Texas

"Mike Cox has written a fine annotated Texas reference that will long stand ... as one of the primary sources for discovering the best in Texas Writing."
--Tom Munnerlyn, Bookseller
Austin, Texas

Introduction by Texas historian Al Lowman. With 126 book entries plus essays 'Silly or Scarce: A Few Basic Texas Boo-Boos' and 'Future Basic Texas Books.' Extensive index. 85 pp. Cover illustration by Wayne Baize.

Published by the Nita Stewart Haley Memorial Library (Midland, 2001), which was founded by historian, author and cowman J. Evetts Haley (1901-1995) so the people of Texas might have a better understanding of Texas history. Limited first printing of 500 copies.

Selected Works

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This book is the second volume of the author's comprehensive history of the Texas Rangers, one of the world's most famous law enforcement organizations.
American Western History
The first of a two-volume, quarter million-word popular history of the Texas Rangers, the book explores the legend and reality of this world famous law enforcement organization.
Nineteen true stories vividly recreate Texas' most catastrophic events.
Collections of legendary Texas Ranger stories, from new takes on famous tales to previously untold yarns.
History of the Texas Rangers in ten action-packed stories based on true incidents. For young readers.
Bibliography/ Reference
Annotated reference and modern guide to assembling a library of the best contemporary Texas books.